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American Dryer 008

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Cold Plasma Germ Killing* Technology

What is CPC and how does it work

Cold Plasma Clean is our patented technology that kills germs*. The eXtremeAir cPc uses a generator that converts the air into cold plasma. Cold plasma is ionized air that contains positively and negatively charged ions that attract and break down germ molecules without the use of chemicals. This process occurs naturally and is completely harmless. The only by-product is pure water vapor. While following the CDC’s recommendation for proper hand washing is essential, adding the power of cold plasma provides a better overall hygienic solution.

Cold plasma kills:
E.coli, Salmonella, Influenza A, Staph, C.diff and MRSA*


CPC technology is proven to kill germs by leading microbiology labs

CPC technology is independently proven to be safe and effective. Two of the nation’s leading microbiology labs were selected for testing. EMSL Labs is an elite CDC-certified lab with AIHA accreditation in industrial hygiene and environmental microbiology. Antimicrobial Test Labs, ATL, is a GLP-compliant laboratory audited by the EPA and FDA. The eXtremeAir with CPC technology has also been tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), passing both the UL867 and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

Exclusive Features:

Adjustable Sound & Speed

Innovative technology allows the hand dryer to be adjusted to your preference – providing the perfect balance of speed, energy efficiency and sound. It’s ideal for sports stadiums, schools or a quiet library.

Universal Voltage

The eXtremeAir can be connected to any voltage from 100 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz. The dryer configures itself to your voltage, making installation easier.

Money Saver

  • Save up to 98% versus paper towel costs
  • Dry up to 100 pairs of hands for the cost of one paper towel
  • Dry 1,000 pairs of hands for only $0.42

5-Year Premium Warranty

Includes same-day factory repair or shipment of replacement parts. See owner’s manual for details.

Green Certifications

The eXtremeAir hand dryer has been GreenSpec® Listed. This is an unbiased list of the most environmentally-friendly products published by the editors of Environmental Building News. The eXtremeAir met tough GreenSpec standards because it uses 80-90% less energy than conventional hand dryers and reduces maintenance and waste. The eXtremeAir also helps facilities qualify for LEED Credits.

No Filters • No Maintenance

Cold Plasma Clean vs. HEPA Filters



Kills Germs* Yes No
Maintenance-free Yes No
Neutralizes Odors Yes No
CARB Certified Yes No


cPc specifications

Dry Time 10 + Seconds (Adjustable)
Air Velocity 19,000-10,000 LFM (Linear Feet per Min.)
Sound Level 83 – 69 dB
Air Temperature 135° F at 72° F room temperature
Universal Voltage 100-240 V, 50/60Hz
Power 12.5 A max. @@ 120 V, 6.5 A max. @@ 240 V
1500 – 800 W adjustable

cPc model reference chart

White ABS CPC9
Steel White Epoxy CPC9-M
Steel Black Graphite CPC9-BG
Steel Satin Chrome CPC9-C
Stainless Steel CPC9-SS
Dimensions: 10-1/8” W x 9-3/8” H x 5-5/8” D



Mounting Diagram


eXtremeAir Series Surface Mount


*Results reflect average reduction rates based on testing performed by EMSL and ATL using a modified ASTM international Standard E1153. Your results may vary. This product is not designed or intended to clean the air of the entire restroom. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. For more information on CPC Technology, please download the white paper at americandryer-europe.com/en/cpc-technology-white-paper. EPA Establishment Number is 091022-MI-001.